Car Talk — Music

June 1, 2017 — In honor of car talk, the unexpected subject of this week’s story, and because I need to get a story up now before I travel this weekend, I thought we could have a little car music.

I ran into this video a while back and couldn’t think of a reason to use it. It’s definitely a car video. Oh, it’s from the recent release by The Rolling Stones, a pretty good thing I never got around to reviewing.

Somehow cars and music go together. It made me wonder when they first started putting radios in cars. Mind you, right now I have the attention span of a snail, so while I looked up an article that said car stereos were first put into cars in the ‘30s, then evolved into a standard AM radio, then beyond, I didn’t actually read it past learning that cars have had radios for 80 years. I guess I just have my own mental picture of every car and every car radio, stereo, whatever I tried to fit in or, when it was possible, order for the car. I remember the eight track too, probably the worst audio invention ever. What were they thinking? Personally, I always wanted a slot to be able to put a record in. I thought they never made that, but it seems they did. Plus the cd slot came close. Seriously, I really don’t like cd changers in the trunk. I’ve had them. I’ve never actually used them. And I wonder what’s next? Internet everything, perhaps? A car radio that drives itself… that knows a bad song from a good one and changes its own channel? I mean, why not, if a car can drive itself? I have to tell you though, my car stereo would be a total spaz and a very, very busy channel changer if the stereo were driving itself.

But, in my humble opinion, no car should drive itself, and certainly no car radio should be left to drive itself, which brings me back to the video above. Cars and music, they just go together so well! Now, go ahead, pick me some driving, or should I say flying, music!

And have a nice weekend, all!


History of the car radio (for people who have an attention span greater than a snail):,2817,2399878,00.asp