It Still Thrills Me

November 27, 2016 — A while ago I wrote about Sebastian Bach being on Gilmore Girls. Given my audience, I’m pretty sure the only name you know in that sentence is Sebastian Bach, and even[…]


Happy Thanksgiving

November 19, 2016 — Thanksgiving is not really a holiday I do. Don’t get me wrong, I like the length of it; personally I think we should have more four-day holidays, but I just usually[…]


An Unlikely Inspiration

November 13, 2016 — Those of you with kids, either your own or those of your family you help take care of, know of the phenomenon of repetitive watching. We all do it, put on[…]


Vote 2016: I Vote For US

November 6, 2016 — On Tuesday, we’ll either have the first female President of these great states or we’ll have our first civilian. Either way, it’s historic. Either way, half the country is scared. I[…]


Happiest Halloween to All

October 30, 2016 — I’ve always loved Halloween. It’s the gateway to the big holidays, unless you’re Home Depot or those craft stores and then it’s full-on Christmas right now. So I say, ignore the[…]


Turn Up My Girlies

October 23, 2016 — Last week, they announced the nominees for the 2017 Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame induction. The list is to be narrowed to five before the ceremony in 2017 and includes[…]


Winter Is Coming

October 8, 2016 — That’s an expression taken from Game of Thrones. Winter in that show is not a season, but a time that goes on for years. I watch the show, indeed it’s my[…]


Living Legends

September 25, 2016 — By: jhs5150 We’ve all heard and used that term before, sometimes to excess but what does it really mean? What defines an artist or a band as a “living legend”; merely[…]