Couch Potato Guitar

March 4, 2018 – This week there is actual rock news, I’m sure. In fact I know there is a little. Robert Plant finished off a short U.S. tour this past Friday in Los Angeles,[…]

Rockers at .. Chick-fil-A?

February 24, 2018 — Hypothetically, what you do if let’s say, one day, you were writing a comment to an article about a particular rocker, and you got a notification of a reply, a reply[…]

Indulge Me My Lana

February 17, 2018 — Influences come in many forms. Sometimes, they are what many like. Sometimes, they are something we like just for ourselves. Because Lana Del Rey, for the most part here, is something[…]

You Were Young and Bold

February 10, 2018 — There’s a saying: be careful what you wish for. The conclusion to that sentence is you might just get it. If you think about it, the implication of the conclusion is[…]

Commercials or Half-Time?

February 3, 2018 — I ask … because how many of us are really going to be into this game? The Patriots versus the Eagles, seriously? I mean why are the Patriots in there every year? Heck,[…]

Happy Christmas

December 17, 2017 — This post is channeling my inner nine-year-old, I think the peak year for Christmas excitement. I could be politically and religiously correct and say Happy Holidays, but that’s what I’m not[…]

Drawing from the Past

December 10, 2017 — Except for one moment where I popped over to the pop station, and incidentally heard that atrocious song from my last story for two seconds, I left pop music alone this[…]